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    Why do my speakers crackle when I turn up the volume?


    People who listen to their favourite genre of music or movies get dissatisfied soon after they get disturbances in the form of crackling sound from one of their speakers. They must be aware of where the crackling coming from in their speaker at first. There is a bad wire in between the amplifier and the speaker driver. This is the important reason behind the crackling sound from the speaker. The bad connection could be in any number of places. You can address and correct some of these problems yourself. I pay attention to the key reasons why speakers crackle when…

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    How do I stop my speakers from blowing?

    People who love to enjoy music would never be left without having stereo speakers in their home and vehicle. However, people who use speakers often come with the same question why do speakers get blown, and what ways to stop…

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    How to wire speakers all over the bus?

    Music is a great entertainment and everyone loves to hear it in their free time and refresh themselves that why the majority of people do fix music players inside their vehicle to enjoy the rhythm of pleasant while they travelling.…

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    Can I connect tweeters to door speakers?

    Many people consider that wiring a tweeter directly to their car speaker, where this guess is partly correct. In which you will require the frequency crossover to finish the installation of connecting tweeter to your car door speaker and prevent…

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    How to choose door speakers for a car

    Every car speakers are different and you can find different shapes and sizes, where the thickness of the speaker gets varied from one to another some speakers are meant to place in door and they are much thinner in size…