Khoun Sophal

Sophal is Svay Sitha’s wife and the perpetrator of Marina’s attack. She phoned to threaten Marina and her family members and stalked Marina before she attacked her in the Olympic Market. Sophal arrived with a group of men who beat her to unconsciousness, and poured acid on her face and body. Commotion in the marketplace allowed her to escape, though dozens of witnesses recognized her as the wife of “His Excellency.” Though a warrant for her arrest was issued following the attack it mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter.  To this day, Khoun Sophal lives freely in Phnom Penh, Cambodia without ever having had to face justice for her crime.


Khoun Vandy

Vandy is Khoun Sophal’s nephew, and the person who threw the acid on Marina during the attack. While Sophal planned and participated in the attack, Vandy actually executed much of the actual pouring of acid over Marina.


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