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How do I stop my speakers from blowing?

People who love to enjoy music would never be left without having stereo speakers in their home and vehicle. However, people who use speakers often come with the same question why do speakers get blown, and what ways to stop speakers from blowing? Some of you still confused about what is blowing in speaker? It is nothing but the speaker provides bad sound or no sound is said to be blown, speaker.

There several reasons to happen, one of the usual things is when you connect wrong terminals to the amplifier or when there is no care or when the distortion sounds are high. It can be rectified easily, need to know different ways to stop speakers from blowing then continue further.


Different ways to stop speakers from blowing:

If you find your speakers sound different and do have lots of distortions sounds then don’t get worried about buying a new set or to get repaired them. Instead of doing so, you can avoid blowing out of your speakers by below things.

  • You can try having subwoofer by keeping all speakers frequency to small in the receiver setup menu and do set crossover frequency a little bit higher than manufacturer limit. That is if your speaker frequency is 60 Hz then try out for 80 Hz for sound clarity.
  • The volume adjustment goes from 180db to +16 dB. Try setting high volume 5 to 6db below to the max volume limit in the OSD menu, which would enhance better sound by avoiding blowing out speakers. If your subwoofer doesn’t have enough bass then instead of raising volume it is better to change the location of the device which might rectify the bass sound variations.


Finally, you can also try lowering the HVAC noises, closing the door to reduce the distortion sound which would let you enjoy low sounds rather in high volume. Thus all these help you to avoid the blowing of the speaker and enjoy a great rhythm of the music.