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Can I connect tweeters to door speakers?

Many people consider that wiring a tweeter directly to their car speaker, where this guess is partly correct. In which you will require the frequency crossover to finish the installation of connecting tweeter to your car door speaker and prevent damages happening to the tweeter because it is not meant to receive the same amount of power as like the car woofer or speaker. The crossover wire adjusts the power and frequency send out to avoid the speaker damage in which the tweeter will get the huge frequency sound when the woofer takes only the less frequency. The following are ways to connect tweeters to door speakers. They are.


  • First disconnect the negative terminal from your car battery just to prevent short-circuiting any electrical equipment
  • Remove the speaker grill where it is also necessary to remove paneling to remove the speaker and depending on your vehicle model you can do this. Now unscrew the speaker from its mount using the screw driver and disconnect the wire connected to it.
  • Solider the crossover cable input with your amplifier speakers output wires. This will be the speakers original wires connected to your car speakers. You also need to be sure that you connect negative leads together and positive leads together.
  • Now crossover the high frequency leads to the tweeter speaker wire units in the back side of the tweeters
  • Follow the step 4 once again and again connect the crossover leads to the identical terminal.

Linking the tweeter to your car door speakers

Most of the cars manufacturers make an inbuilt woofer into the doors of the car and you can change the new woofer easily and it get fit into speaker hole of your car. You may still have to dismantle part of your door just to install the speakers and for linking tweeters to door speakers so that you can enjoy the high quality of the music in your car when you are travelling for long drive.


When you are deciding to link the tweeter always follow the necessary steps in order to make the tweeters function properly. Moreover the crossover cable should be properly connected and combined only then you can get the best quality of the sound from your car speakers. Comparing to the sub woofers the tweeters provide a high quality of music clarity and clearance where it makes you to enjoy the music at its original level of sound.