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How to wire speakers all over the bus?

Music is a great entertainment and everyone loves to hear it in their free time and refresh themselves that why the majority of people do fix music players inside their vehicle to enjoy the rhythm of pleasant while they travelling. The music players take a vital role in your vehicle and in the same way speakers do hold a special place.

As it is well-known fact baseless sounds never make music perfect but the main thing is many people do not aware of how to wire speakers inside the vehicle. That too, if you are holding a bus for travel then you might be stuck in confusion or been tried searching for ways to wire speakers all over the bus.

Get rid of all your confusion and tiredness here are the easiest way to fix the speakers all over the bus. So be ready to follow the steps to wire the stereos to enjoy the music in high volume.

Speakers in a bus

The process starts with placing the stereo speakers at the right place to do so follow the steps given below.

  • Step 1

choose the spot where you need to place the stereo speaker and check whether bus seats do have half foot space between the wall and seat.

  • Step 2

it is better to cover the window with a rough fabric screen to avoid reflected sounds from the wall hits and outside.

  • Step 3

fix the speakers to the top facing the target accurately at a sixty-degree angle. In case if you are planning to fix in the center or towards sides make sure the spot is two feet away from the sides.

Choose perfect wire to get better-amplified sounds:

Selecting the wires is an essential thing in the wiring process of speakers as the speaker and amplifier are within the bus you can opt for 12-gauge wire which comes with 80 to 120 feet. Once you are done with the wire selection do wiring by the below steps.

  • Step 1

for connecting speakers with the amplifier make sure no wiring is running through them. Once it is done you can find the color difference in the wires such as black and red were it represent positive and negative terminals so make them in a Y shape to have separate and for easy wiring.

  • Step 2

Before connecting, wire end check whether the amplifier does have holes are socket connection if it is a-holes you can directly plug the wire, if not you have to connect aux cable end to them.

  • Step 3

As said before connect all the positive terminals of the speaker in the right and all negative terminals in the left in a series connection where the terminal ends should be connected to the amplifier positive R + (red wire of rights speakers) and negative L – ( black wire of left speakers).


That’s how the wiring is done for running speakers all over the bus andat the same time make sure to cover all the wiring works on the floor or sides using flex are non-conductive plasters to make hidden from visible.